Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just for Natalie!

Hey. Natalie. I am doing this post just for you! These are your requested canvases. Natalie wanted 10 for teachers at a Christian school this Christmas. I hope none of them read the blog! I tried to make them very simple as requested!

Hope you likey, likey. I also TRiiiiiied to stay neutral as requested, but my blue/ green hand went crazy on a couple. I figured you would know exactly who would need those particular ones! Enjoy. Mo

P.S. Will be showing GIRLY GIRL pictures next. I just wanted to show Nat what she was paying for! Thanks for bearing with me.


Kenzie Holley said...

WOW! those are beautiful! the photos look professional..... how did you do the background?

Dawn said...

hmmmm, teacher gifts. What a great idea!!! I'll be getting in touch with you in November!! I'll probably go with your smaller ones.

Mo - you are so talented!!

Kathryn said...

They are beautiful. Bravo!

snekcip said...

What lucky teachers!!!These are beautiful Mo!