Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mo Ask MO!

Dude, I am loving this! I don't even have to think up what to say or what I am going to blog about. You are just feeding me the ideas. Sa-weeet!

So onto the next 10!
Question 11: as in Jake's favorite number 11, Melissa, I should send you a prize! Email me your addy and I think I just will! You are my only environmental engineer/ toxicologist friend anyway! Have you thought about making a toddler jewelry line and putting it in your Etsy shop?

Well, Melissa. Staci actually makes more kid sized jewelry than I do. I love how she always has little Maddiboo in sweet necklaces. I whipped Ellie's out the other night, I swear, in about 2 minutes! It was then that I thought, YEP, I am going to make more of these! So, Yea, I likely will start making more toddler sized items. When I do, I will let you know they are posted in the Etsy shop. I think I mentioned that I opened a new clinic in Monroe, and hired a new PT to work in Ruston. Guess what that means.... much less time with Jessi. Guess what that means... no one to help me load things onto my Etsy shop! So, what I need is a little free time. I don't have much of that at all! This, being a 3 day weekend, is already pretty much taken, but I DO intend to make some of the custom canvases that have already been ordered, so I can catch up. Be watching for that kid jewelry.

Question #12: from Rhonda, my little Jonas Brother loving friend!
Where did you get that funky camera strap?

Rhonda, yep, that appendage in all my photos is a camera strap. And as you should KNOW, I bought it on Etsy. I have no idea which site. I DO know there are lots of sites that make them. Just search for it on the homepage. I think Emily Falconbridge makes some cool ones. Search her too! You and I must just really dig busy patterns! I want to go to Canton with you, by the way. Let' s meet up!

Question #13 from Sammie
Do you ever sleep?


Just kidding. I do go to bed late! I am a night owl. I wish I could go to work late (like 10ish) every day. That would be cool. However, my patients start rolling in around 8! I always apologize to my first patients that I am usually a little more "peppy", and recommend they try to make a later appointment if they would like to get to know the real me! Seriously. I am a zombie in the morning! Now that my girls are sleeping through the whole night, I probably get about 5-6 hours of sleep. I am not a napper. Too much to do. Really just too much I WANT to do! Wish the days were longer!!

Question #14: from Lisa, mom of twins:
How do you make the sandwiches you mentioned in that previous post.

I have to say that I am guessing that you are referring to the pistolettes. I am on the phone with Paula right now, as she was the cook that night. She says take a pound of sausage, a pound of hamburger meat; brown it and drain it. Then, add a pound of Velveeta and teaspoon of oregano, worschestire, and garlic powder. Mix it all up and stuff it in a pistolette. Take out the center part of the roll to make room for the stuffing. There are rolls that we buy at the grocery store called pistolettes. Maybe you have them too. She said she cooked them on 350 for about 15 minutes. She had actually intended to make Polishman's steaks, but didn't have any rye bread. So, she used the same recipe and stuffed them in the pistolettes instead! Cool.

Question #15: from McKenzie, author and founder of a cool newzine that I will be linking you all to soon.
HOw did you come up with the names Ellie Sue and Gabbi Lou?

Mckenzie, surely you know that Todd loves LSU. And surely you know that Gabbi was not my favorite name. (Sorry Gabbi, for when you read this one day!) Todd wanted Gabbi to be Ellie's name. It was the day we were taking her home and I said, "Hey, Todd. If you say Ellie Sue it sounds like LSU." I could see his wheels turning! He said, "How bout "Ellie SHoe?" I told him by NO MEANS would I give my baby girl the middle name of "shoe". And because my middle name is Susanne, Ellie is Ellie Susanne. She cheers her name in a rhythmic, "ellie sue. ellie sue" like she hears us cheer at the games! It is funny!

As for Gabbi. well, I kinda just gave up the fight. I wanted Piper Annabelle. And as Gabbi has grown, I have thought Annabelle would have suited her fine. And I loved "Ellie and Annabelle". But, Todd would NOT have it. He stood FIRM on Gabbi Groves being the ONLY name he liked for a girl. We took Gabbi home from the hospital without a name! She was named the 2nd or 3rd day she was home! All the girls in our family have "ann" in their middle names. JinJin is Virginia Annette. I am Melanie Susanne. Staci is Staci Leanne. Maddi is Madison HopeAnne. Ellie Susanne, and Gabbi Louanne. So, there you have it.

And... Question 16: "How did you get interested in jewelry and art making?
Well, I told you already about me and my Nannie doing jewelry together. But actually, when I got out of high school and headed to college, I took only art classes. I was an art major at the time, and I absolutely loved it. I have been drawing forever! I always LOVED markers! I loved drawing cartoons, and was the banner painter for our cheerleading squad. Just always loved it, and was always encouraged by my mom and dad. I think that is pretty critical!

Question #17: Angie from Arkansas
Can you tell me the essentials for a starter scrapbook kit for my daughter?

Ok, you MUST have a good paper cutter! I prefer the Fiskars. You need cardstock and patterned paper. I think if I was just starting, I would get a paper pad that has coordinating papers from a single line. Then, match the papers in the paper pad to cardstock. I like to ink the edges of my papers, as it adds a lot of depth, but an ink pad is not "essential". Decide how big you intend to scrap. 12 x 12? mini book? 6 x 6? Because you are going to have a book of some sort. I think a mini book is fun to start with ! You need an adhesive to stick the paper on with. I like a tape runner by Scrapbook Adhesives. It is red. But you can also use a glue stick or double sided tape. I LOVE basic colored (black and white) letters, as they usually go with anything. I like them in all sizes! I think scissors are needed, and I love my Cutter Bee scissors, but only the ones with the black blades, as you can cut sticky stuff without ruining your scissors. Hmmm....I like ribbons to tie on the rings/ spiral bind of a mini book and coordinating little stickers for the inside of the book. Oh... and good markers for doodling. Gelly Roll brand! LOVE the white one! Question # 18 from Snekcip, about to fill her empty nest!
How do you intend to tell your girls about their adoption? Would you believe that a potential answer just came to me about a week ago in the form of a patient of mine sharing with me how she told her adopted son. I think God put her in my path to help me with this dilemma. I definitely will tell them as soon as the situation arises. I don't want that "anticipation/ excitement/ mystery" of "ooohhh, what is my birth mom like" and "ooooh, I have got to find her" and all that when they are 18. I would rather it just be a part of who they are and no big deal! My patient said her son was about 5 when he was asking about being in her belly. She said, "You didn't grow in mom's belly. You grew in another lady's belly. Sometimes mama's bellies don't work, so other women have to grow the baby for them. And when you were born, you grew in a lady , ____, who is called your birthmom. We met her up at the hospital, and she gave you to us to come be in our family." Her son said something she wasn't expecting... "Why did she give me to you?" She said it just came to her, and I love this ! "She was just obeying God. God has a 'Book of Families' and in it, it says, 'Todd, Melanie, Ellie and Gabbi Groves." We obeyed God by coming to get you so our family could be complete, and your birthmom obeyed God to let you grow in her belly , then give you to us." Don't you think that is a sweet story? I don't have any idea how it will go down for us. I will cross that bridge when I get there. But I did think I should share that story. It is a goodie!

Ok, well, girlies are needing to go to sleep, so I think I will have to end the Q and A tonight. See what I mean about needing longer days? It is going on 11:00 pm, and I just have so much more I want to do! But... 6:30 ish will be early, if I dont' get off this computer!

So, I leave you! Tomorrow, lap band, northern trips/ accents, conception woes, how'd I meet Todd the Bod, and much more!
Gabbi can now pull up! Woo hOo!
Thanks for all the encouraging words! Mo


Anonymous said...

Way to Go Gabbi Girl! I knew you could. You are gonna be allllll over the place now and your mama is gonna be chasing the two of you all the time. Love the Q and A! I know what you mean about a blogging funk.........sometimes you just wanna not have to think about and plan what to blog. What great questions and fun answers. LOVE what you did with this and I am deeply touched at your adoption reveal. What a great idea!

MLP said...

Of course I love the Q&A, but I am also loving all the pics scattered throughout the post!!!

I don't live far from Rhonda. Here we all come, CAnton!!!

Emily said...

OMG,I LOVE the story of the "Book of Families" and that yours said "Todd,Mel,Ellie,and Gabbi".....made my night! I agree with you, I believe in honesty whenever possible with kids. That is why we have always been up front with Shelbi and her illness-she never has to wonder if we are hiding things from her.

Lanny said...

My 10 month old pulled up today too! :)
I've always told my girls that they grew in ____'s tummy (different birthmoms), but in both of our hearts. It's just part of their stories.
Loving the Q&As! Thanks for sharing.

Kathryn said...

Way to go, Gabbi! Work it, youngin! You need to be strong to keep up with Ms. Ellie.

Thank you for the wonderful answers to questions. What a fun read. Have a great 4th of July.

Martha from NC said...

The adoption story is precious.
It brought me to tears.
That Gabbi is one smart cookie. Watch out...she'll be walking in no time.
I'm lovin' this Q&A time. The more you know, you more you want to know!! Know what I mean?

Nana said...

I am enjoying the questions and answers too....Loving the pictures of the girls.....We were gone for a couple of days, and I guess that I missed the fact that there was going to be a Telethon at Shake for Jake....When I got back, there was a call on caller ID from message...Then it hit me!! Wish I had been home when she called...So glad all was a big success AGAIN...

Rhonda said...

I am loving the Q&A! And, YES, everything must be FUNKY and BLING-Y if it is mine!! I freak my family out because SIMPLE is not in my vocabulary! I completely understand Ellie ~ I am all about ACCESSORIES!!

Guess who is making me a camera strap?! JESSI!!!!!

And I am headed to CANTON tomorrow! Lots of unusual, funky and bling!! That's why I prefer Canton over the mall any day of the week! It's gonna be HOOOOOOOT and dirty, but who cares!! I do hope we can meet up in Canton when you come back to Texas!

Liloia Family said...

I love that you are answering all the questions people asked. I am sorry I didn't ask one. I do have a question, but I understand if you don't answer it, afterall, I didn't follow instructions :).
LOL. My question is how did you get into owning your own PT company. I think it is just AWESOME that you are so successful as a business owner and are able to have so much fun with it!!

Maggie said...

Mo, I also am LOVING the Q&A! It's great to see what people have asked, that I never thought of. As always, I'm so blown away by your open, honest, and kind nature, and the way you give so much of yourself to your readers! As one pedi PT to another, I KNOW EXACTLY what you mean that you want to give all of yourself to that 8 am client, but sometimes it is just hard to get that energetic/motivational motor running first thing. I have no doubt that all of your clients are lucky to have you by their side (or behind them!)

Amy said...

I loved the adoption story. I had my oldest son, Austin before I met my husband. Austin had just turned one when we met and we got married 5 months later. Austin's birth father didn't want to have anything to do with Austin and he actually died when he was 3. Matt was the only father that he ever knew. Matt adopted Austin when he was 6 I think. We were always upfront with him about everything and told him that he was adopting Daddy. Recently our 9 year old son, Luke was asking if Austin was adopted. we were upfront with him too. I was surprised because I always though he knew. They have handled everything so well.

snekcip said...

Mo that was absolutely beautiful "abut the book of families"! I like how the "simplicity" of the concept is broken down for a younger child! Kids are pretty inquisitive at an early age and I wanted to be prepared for when the questions come!

She is only two right now and the MAJOR question in her two year old mind is "Why Paris (our dog) gets to POTTY outside and doesnt have to WIPE!!! She runs and pull some tissue off the roll and trys to wipe the poor dogs BEHIND everytime she comes in! YIKES!! Since I think your one awesome lady, answer this...HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN TO A TWO YEAR OLD THAT A "DOGS BUTTS" DON'T NEED WIPING and WHAT BRAND DO YOU RECOMMEND FOR KEEPING THE DOGS BEHIND FROM CHAFING!! There's a doozy for you!!

Hey its a PLUG for the "tissue" maker if anything!! Everybody knows if MO recommends's gotta be good! You may get a KICKBACK (LOL)!!


Love the pics of Ellie staring at the baby doll and Gabbi in the carseat! I just love those THROWBACK PICS!!!

Melissa said...

You are entirely too sweet. I'll send you that e-mail now. :) You need to come to town and I'll meet you and treat you to a bakery meal!! mmmm....brownies.....
Can't wait for the jewelry and canvases.
Absolutley love the adoption story. I babysat a girl who was adopted and they had the nicest poem framed in her room that was all personalized with her name as part of the poem that was about being adopted. I can't for the life of me remember how it went though, but I loved it.

snekcip said...

PS I agree...THIS IS FUN!!

breanna said...

So, I'm in Kentucky right now being a REAL aunt!!! Orum's sister had a baby girl on monday, so here I am. You know I couldn't resist a newborn!

Love the q&a and LOVE the pic of you and Ellie kissing! A-dorable! Got your message that you sent the box, can't wait to get started when i get home!! It's gonna be FUN!

Holley Sisters said...

Thanks for answering my questions! I've always loved the names Gabbi and Ellie! And it's neat that you've always loved art like that! I mean I love drawing and painting, but I don't think I could ever be that good!
Once again, thanks!

Mackenzie =)

Holley Sisters said...

By the way, cute pics! LOL.

Mackenzie =)

snekcip said...

Me again! Thank you so much for answering my question! I seriously appreciate your help!!!

Jennifer Taylor said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the posts the past couple of days!! Too much fun!

Holley Sisters said...

Go, Go, Gabbi Lou!! Can't wait my q answered! This is fun!


Avery's Mommy said...

omg the adoption story made me want to cry...and adopt! so sweet :)

Teach said...

They are POLISH MISTAKES not polishman's steaks!!! LOL!!!!!!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the recipe - I looked in our Super Walmart today and we do not have pistolletts (but I looked on line and it said "french rolls") and we do have those! I wonder if you could cut them in smaller pieces to serve as an appetizer? I love taking something new to our supper club!!So how do you pronounce that anyway? I'm assuming it is french? Pisto yay? My Alabama accent wants to say pisto lets . . . Also, I had never heard of polishman steaks either but then I just saw the post, "Polish Mistakes" - I'll have to look that one up.

Unknown said...

I have a good friend who adopted her son and she told him that he didn't grow in her belly but he grew in her heart. I always thought that was sweet.

Sparks said...

Oh man have I been gone for what seems like forever! I think that the girls just got huge in just the past week! But what can I do I have been busy with our newest little one in the NICU. So the computer isn't high on my list of things for the day!!

I love the Q&A's btw. So I have one for you now!! Can you email me and I'll ask I don't feel right leaving it in your comment section. I've also seem to have misplaced your email address or I would of just sent you one.

Thanks Mel!!

Sparks said...

oops! forgot my email!! its thanks!

snekcip said...

God saw the need
For 2 beautiful babies indeed

He perfected them and sent them down to earth

Knowing each one would have a celebratory birth

The first, so plump and round with a penchant of red hair

She was destined for mischief, determination and flamboyant flair

She was born to a mommy who carried her gently in her womb

One who had big dreams for a baby girl born to a mommy a little too soon

She made the choice to place her in a home filled with love

One that was orchestrated and planned with the MASTERS help from above

Ellie Suzanne was the name selected for this beautiful child

Perfect for a baby girl who would capture everyone with her beautiful smile

God was not through with this family, no indeed

He saw the perfect home for another baby who was in need

God continue to weave his tapestry of the perfect plan

And provide a little sister for Ellie Suzanne

God searched the world over and touched another mommy's heart

Of another mom, who wanted the best for her baby ,a life with a good start

A home with filled with laughter, warmth and lots of family

This is what she wanted for her little sweet baby

God placed a wonderful family before her eyes

A family she chose specifically which came as a wonderful surprise

ANOTHER baby girl, sheer joy filled their heart

Choosing a name was by far the HARD PART

Piper Annabelle was the named she hoped it would be

Daddy said NO WAY, I love the name Gabbi

Gabbi LouAnne was the name to be, a baby, was once fussy at first

No way, NOT ever smiling, twinkling eye GABBI GUHL, who makes everyone heart burst

Two princesses so very wanted and so very loved

Specifically chosen from God with no doubt a gentle nudge from Angel Jake up above

Place in the arms of a family filled with so much fun

One with wonderful cousins, Aunt Staci and Uncle Don

For in God’s BOOK OF FAMILIES, He carefully selected and joyfully chose

The parents of ELLIE and GABBI, was no doubt Todd and Melanie Groves