Saturday, July 25, 2009

Just another day at MMPT!

And this is how we roll at MMPT! 

Really.  This place is nuts.  It takes a certain type to work around here!  This is John.  I mere shrimp of a man!  He is training for the St. Jude Marathon!! He's up to 8 miles (and almost 7 feet!) now.  GOOoooo, John!  He is my friend, Cindy, of AlphaKidz fame, younger brother.  He is also the "star" of her book Benny Bear  Having a Baby Sister isn't fair.  All of Cindy's books have an actually based character.  But I digress.  
Here is how it looked when we started!  

We have a party with a theme about every 4th or so week.  I think I have told you about our program called IMOT.  Wish I could link you, but look around on here, and surely you will learn more about it, somewhere?!  Anyway, IMOT is an intense model of therapy where we see the patient 4 hours a day, 5 days a week for three weeks.  People really do come from all over to participate.  It is fun to see their progress in such a short time.  
We have these little parties or "graduations" to celebrate the patient and the families. It is a time for us to reflect on all that has been gained physically, emotionally, and in our clinic, even spiritually.

Ok, Ron... Seriously, that moustache?!  
We never have a graduation (or basically even a day) go by without a full spread of food.  We have a couple of people on speed dial who make us homemade grub!  Mrs.  Jo Kaufman, Karl's mom, and a frequenter of the blog, made us chicken spaghetti, a cucumber and tomato salad,  and blueberry poundcake!  WHUT?!  
I wish you could have SEEN this cookie cake.  That is supposed to be a disco ball.  It is a bout an inch thick of icing.  And I will tell you that I was only a little grossed out by the "dents" in the disco ball that look just like fingerprints.?!?! 
Did I mention we eat a lot at MMPT?  Every student who comes through claims to gain 5 pounds or so just by the sheer volume of food around there!  Our patients really do spoil us! 
Would someone tell Keif that the theme was 70's Disco Party and not Porn Lord?! 
Ok, so after we eat, we let each family have their moment in the spotlight where basically, we just love on them.  We reflect on all the good over the last three weeks.  It is quite emotional and very, very uplifting!  
I am excited that I now have a way to merge my two "careers"!  I am thinking, claiming, and believing that art is becoming my career!  
I made each one of our participants through this IMOT session a custom canvas with a verse or quote that was meaningful to them.
Our little peds gym is about to outgrow our crew!  But we just all pile in!
Ok, next is Brian Hess.  Remember Brian?  Go read his story on his caringbridge
His wife, Kimen, stays with him through every single hour of every single session!  She was asked to come up with a verse that was a life verse or special to them.  She is highly spiritual and really pondered this one.  She is the type who wants it to be "perfect"!  I saw her struggling, and suggested this...
She loved it.  And know why it is so cool?  Well, they pray specifically for Brian's sight. He is totally blind.  And they have prayed that way for a long time.  My prayer for Brian AT THIS TIME in his fight is that he can "SEE" all that he DOES have and all that he has ALREADY accomplished!!  
When we presented them with their canvas, I said, "I hope you know there are lots of ways to 'see'." .  

Here is Ron and Cindy.  I love it when a fairly new employee gets right in on the fun of the clinic! 
Ok, so last there is a special little dude...
and this is his canvas!  

We heard his dad say this over and over while F was doing therapy.  When we presented them their canvas, his dad said, "Watch this" and began singing, "There is power, power, wonder working power, in the blood of the lamb."  As he did, the entire staff chimed in in a very low and sweet voice.  It was really neat!  
F had loved having his dad sing this to him, but had probably never sat in a room of 20+ having them all sing it to him!  
As for Brian, well, this is how he says "thank you".  It is not the universal sign for thanks, but it is Brian's way!  All the guys gathered around and did it with him.  They call it their gang sign! 
ANd here is one more shot of the whole group!   Can you spot Foxy Brown?
And just like that... it was back to work!  
Melanie, proud of her staff, Melanie!!  


Debbie Dankelson said...

Just one word....Amazing.

Vicki P said...

Well I am finally leaving a comment can you believe it! You have the best staff!!!! Jared always has so much fun when he is there and everyone always makes us feel welcome. I am so thankful to have you and your crew in my son's life! YOU GUY'S ARE THE BEST!!!!

Unknown said...

You and your staff are awesome. I believe there are special rewards in Heaven for people like you.

Casey said...

How much FUN!

If you ever need an RN for any reason LET ME KNOW!!

Juanda Simmons said...

What a joy you and your family are,and now getting to see how contagious your zest for life over flows to your workers as well as the patients.What a talent that comes from West Monroe,keep us laughing....

Robin said...

She is proud of her staff... but her staff is proud of her too. She is an awesome person all around and MMPT wouldnt be what it is it if werent for Her... Love ya mel!

Melissa said...

It looks like every day is a blast!

That cake should totally be sent into

randdmom said...

Wow what a fantastic place to work - and to receive therapy! Mel, I have to order one of the canvases now that I've seen the scripture style and the bow. Is the ribbon part of it, or part of the "wrapping"? 'Cause I love the demension of the ribbon and the texture of it! Thanks - Lisa

Kathryn said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing such a wonderful day!

Ronda said...

Here I've been trying to figure out what the perfect canvas would be for my kids' rooms, but forget them! I want one of the scripture canvases for myself. Those are awesome!

It looks like you guys are having a blast!

Amanda and Mikayla said...

Y'all really are an amazing group of people!!! Family and friends are amazed at what Mikayla can do, and I know that it was because of y'all starting to work with her at such a young age. We have missed the whole MMPT group.

Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

The pictures of John crack me up! He is a card! My husband and I went to high school with him. It looks like y'all have a blast at work. That is awesome!

Christy said...

wow... you do have so much to be proud of. Your staff is amazing, but they wouldn't be that way if it weren't for you. I'm sure your patients would prefer not to have to need your therapy, but at the same time I'm sure they must feel so loved and so blessed to go to some place so great. You all are awesome.

Ally said...

Awe I love it. Such an awesome place. I would love to work with you. You are making such a awesome impact on peoples lives.

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh - your post made me cry - but sweet tears. I read some of it out loud to my husband and I said, "She is living out her Christianity in her work!" Way to go, Mo! Our son will begin working on his master's in Exercise Physiology at Auburn in August and will be applying to PT school. I hope that someday he works in a place like yours!