Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'd love a dull moment too, Kelly!

Here she is again!  (and by the way.  Thanks for loving her so much!!)
So here is how it all started!  It was "early" (for us) and only GG was up.  In fact, if you will note the blue polka dotted dress, you will realize these pics were taken the same day as the ones on the previous post.  Gabbi Girl and I were enjoying a little Mommy and Me time together!  
See that expression on her face?  She was pretty fired up about the new toy box that one of my patients made for her.  Of course, Ellie has one just like it!  Anyway, within no time at all, in walked this...
I just LOVE sleepy eyes, don't you?!  

We had a little breakfast, and I put Ellie in her ugly brown chair to do a little water painting.  

Yea, Ellie was digging it, and I was thrilled to have a moment' s peace!   You will understand why I say this in jussssssst a minute! 

She has been learning how to smile on cue!  

and every once in a while, it comes out devilish!  
Oh, there is Ellie's toy box!  Or as she sees it, a very handy stepstool!  In this case, it certainly did help her get to the printer!   NO man's land!

Yep, we still have that bottle.  I know, I know, I didnt' like seeing Suri Cruise with it in People magazine at 2 years old either.  But Suri doesn't have a baby sister who gets one every day, multiple times a day!! 
This kid and her accessories.  I think it is more than a phase!  
She went to her shoe drawer and came back with these shoes on.  They are only about a size too small!  
She hollered out, "mama, help you!" when it was time to get the socks all the way on!  
Ok, so this is where it gets good.  Please note my attempts to ensure safety!  I needed to somehow work in a shower as I was the only one there with them at the time.  I put Gabbi Girl in her highchair, and put the barstools on top of the counter!  I am no fool (or so I thought) and I was ensuring that Ellie would NOT be on top of the counters when I came back from getting myself clean (or at least damp!).

I walked in the door, and check out this look. 

This child had gone to the utensil drawer and found a "Gabbi spoon" and was feeding her! 
and she was just so dang proud of herself!  
It was hard to be too mad at her for all her ingenius!  She went to the den and pulled in Gabbi's activity table to access the counter.  I mean, I gotta give it to her.  Pretty smart! 
and this one was pretty pleased herself!  
She just LOVES her big sissy! 

So, I hung around a while and just let nature take its course, and Ellie Sue really did pretty well! 
She now goes to Gabbi and does the sign for milk, squats down to make eye contact with her and asks, "Want milk?"  in a mama kind of voice. It is the cutest!!  
You gotta love em! 


Zhohn said...

Too sweet!

Julie said...

I laughed out loud when I read this post!. . . too funny! . . . and too cute!

Renee said...

No doubt-Ellie is gonna be one heck of a big sister. And Gabbi will love it--for a few years at least. :)

Emily said...

OMG....that is the cutest darn thing I have seen in a long time...That look wasn't her normal mischievous one, she was REALLY proud of herself for figuring out a way to take care of her sister. So precious! B is gonna love her time with them tomorrow!

Christy said...

Precious!!! You're girls are just so sweet!

Mindy said...

You are in so much trouble. If she's this smart about finding ways to get around your road blocks now...just wait until she's a teen!! The phrase "paying for your raising...." comes to mind:)

I love it!

Mindy H.

Michelle said...

Such cute little girls! Love reading about them each day! Too smart for their own good! :)

Ashley & Stephen Bauch said...

How precious are they?!

tricia said...

this is the most precious post ever!!!!!!!!

MLP said...

They will love reading about this someday! SOOOOOOOOO cute! Nothing like sisterly love!!! Just adorable!

Auntie said...

That is so darn cute! Did Ellie put the bib on GG, too??? You are in TROUBLE when that girl gets older, I am afraid--she is just TOO smart! I am dealing with one of those kids right now, myself! Pop over to my blog sometime and check out my trials with my teens--UGH! They were once cute, sweet, and innocent, too!

Thanks for the good giggle!

Anonymous said...

She sure is a real stinker, isn't she? She's more like a ham! She's wise beyond her almost 2 years and I think she's running away with the show :) Love the sisterly love and love that Gabbi accepts El's helps. They are going to be the best of friends and will probably come up with "tricks" together once their old enough to gang up!!! That's what my sis and I did....did yall do that growing up?

Kathryn said...

Warmed my heart!

Sandy said...

This is just too dang sweet. Ellie taking care of her sissy while mom gets a shower. Mel I think you have got yourself a really great handy girl. I love Ellie with her purse, shoes and bottle. of coarse Gabbi is just precious with all her smiles. Does she ever have a bad moment when she is NOT smilling. What great memories and you have a lot of them. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

Sarah said...

That is the most precious thing I've ever read! SO CUTE!!

Sandy P said...

Very cute-
My 2 year old is very similar. She will use anything to get to something too tall for her. As far as the bottle, I am sure it will pass. Have you tried putting the Avent sippy cup tops on the bottle? It still looks like a bottle, but you can say it is a sippy cup. I am sure she will give it up once Gabbi does.

Amy K said...

Hilarious! What a good helper Ellie is. And, a smart little cookie at that. The toy boxes are fantastic. And, the I am a promise song from your previous kids sang that in children's choir a couple years ago...great song! Thanks for reminding me of it.

Shannon said...

Oh my....too cute!! Just wait till Miss Gabbi can walk and then Ellie can "show her the ropes"!!!

Nora said...

I love watching your girls!! I found out about a month ago I am expecting twins, they should be here in late December. I have a little girl that will be two on Halloween. I hope that she will be a great big sister like Ellie!

Thanks for sharing your girls, they are a joy!

Rhonda said...

Partners in crime, those two!! That is so precious! And I'm with you ~ Ellie is pretty darn smart to figure all that out! Ellie looks so tall! They are both adorable and I hope you bring them to Canton so I can meet them in person!!! I loved loved loved your Gabbi post yesterday ~ she just has one of those happiest little baby faces you want to kiss!!!

Ally said...

Oh my, so precious.
Those pictures are priceless!
So sweet!

Jennifer said...

Lovvvve it!

snekcip said...

Mo, here it is, as promised!!


One day GOD surveyed down below and saw the need
For the perfect family who’s arms were empty, so HE planted the seed

HE perfected these special gifts and sent them down to earth
Knowing each “gift” would no doubt have a celebratory birth

The first, so plump and round with a penchant of red hair
She was destined for mischief, determination and flamboyant flair

She was born to a mommy who carried her gently in her womb
One who had big dreams for a baby girl born to a mommy a little to soon

She made the choice to place her in a home filled with love
One that was orchestrated and planned with the MASTERS help from above

Ellie Suzanne was the name selected for this beautiful child
Perfect for a baby girl who would capture everyone with her wit and girly style

GOD was not through with this family, no indeed
He saw the perfect home for another baby who was in need

GOD continue to weave his tapestry of the perfect plan
And provide a little sister for Ellie Suzanne

God searched the world over and touched her heart
Of yet another mom, who wanted a better life for her baby, one with a good start

A home with filled with love, laughter, warmth and lots of family
This is the life she desired for her little unborn baby

No doubt, GOD placed this wonderful family before her eyes
A family she chose specifically which came as a wonderful surprise

Another baby girl, oh how sheer joy filled their heart
Who would have known choosing a name was going to be the hardest part

Names were tossed about; Piper Annabelle was the named mom hoped it would be
Daddy said NO WAY, Come on, you know I have always loved the name Gabbi

Gabbi LouAnne was the name she was dubbed
Another sink bath mate for Ellie, everyone KNOWS mom prefers it over the bathtub

Life with two girls was a whirlwind, with Gabbi being quite the fussy one at first
Which is hard to believe, surely not the smiling GABBI GUHL, who makes everyone heart burst

Two princesses so very wanted and so very loved
Specifically chosen by GOD,with no doubt a gentle nudge from Angel Jake from above

Both placed in the arms of a family filled with so much fun
One with wonderful cousins, Aunt Staci and Uncle Don

For in GOD’S BOOK OF FAMILIES, HE carefully selected and joyfully chose
The parents of ELLIE and GABBI, was no doubt Todd and Melanie Groves

Dawn (aka Snekcip)

Melissa said...

I was having the worst morning until I stopped and read this. Now I can't help but smile. Too cute!

Holley Sisters said...

Awwww! Two sweet sisters! It reminds me of when I was little and my big sister would do that same stuff to me! Sisters are just the best! LOL.


Kris said...

That is so precious!
Thanks for sharing those two cute babies with us. Isn't our God an awesome God!!!!!!

Momma and Her Doodle said...

That is the cutest and sweetest Ellie and Gabbbi post! Your girls are very lucky and loved!

Love that Ellie takes such good care of her lil sis!


Anonymous said...

Mel, I have to tell you so many times when I read your posts, its like coming into my home. Ellie reminds me so much of my Livi Lou. Miss Independence, ablet o make her own toast, pbj, cook a hot dog in the microwave, change her sisters diaper,feed her, etc...But I also have to tell you that the bond my girls have is something that melts me every day. They have their moments as all sisters do but their love for one another is a gift. Every night when I check in on them before I head to bed I see them in the center of the bed, all curled up with each other, arms around, on one another...God is good!

Kelly said...

LOVE IT! That is hilarious!!!!


Holley Sisters said...

How sweet!! And those last three pics of Gabbi are SO adorable. Ellie is a great big sis!!


Juli said...

This happened with oldest daughter was 5 when our second daughter was born....and i think that she was about 2 weeks old when i decided to turn on Blues Clues put the baby in the little bouncer chair and tell the 5 year old to just sit and watch Blue...i was going to take a shower and be right back. I swear it was the quickest shower known to man...i was in and out so fast and when i went into the living room....(wrapped in a towel and dripping wet mind you) 2 week old was OUT of the bouncer and laying on the floor in a TOTALLY different room UNDRESSED. I told my 5 year old that mama didnt want to know how she did this but i dont want you to do it again. I sat on the couch (still dripping wet) wondering how on earth she carried her...i have seen her carry her baby dolls...and that is the what alarmed me the most. oh well...they are 12 and 7 now...and a bunch of fun!
thanks for the wonderful blog!
juli - FRIENDLY lurker

snekcip said...

This jogged up an old memory of mind! When my boys were young (they are now 24 and 21), my oldest Chris decided he was going to bring the baby(Quenton ) to mommy since he had awaken!

I was in another bedroom (unaware that Chris had opened the bedroom door)to the nursery! Lo and behold here comes Chris down the hallway w/a month old Quenton securely wrapped in his arms, I dont know if it was the LOOK OF ALARM in my face or what! As I was gently trying to approach him and poor Quenton who was oblivious to his fate, Chris stopped dead center and PLOP down went Quenton, off went 3yr old Chris making a break for the nearest exit!

Poor Quenton must have been shell-shocked, because their he laid all bright eyed and bushy tail! No bumps, bruises or contusions!

Like to scared me to death!!!

To this day, Quenton is my most laid back, but DETERMINED KID of the pack!! I guess after that "bumpy start" you kinda have to have a "hard shell" to crack!

So far as Chris...instead of dropping a sibling, these days he just drops off the laundry and makes a break for the door!! SIGH....Some kids NEVER change!!!

Ally said...

SNEKCIP- That was beautiful what you wrote!

Michele said...

That is just the sweetest!!

Beth E. said...

Bo (our youngest) used to be like Ellie. We couldn't turn our backs on him for one second! LOL

Ellie is soooo clever...figuring out how to carry something in from the other to stand on. What a little stinker! :-) Hehe

Big Pissy said...

How cute! And smart....REALLY smart! :)

Liloia Family said...

Oh my, you actually made me cry with this post. It's been so long since my kids have been that little, it brought back so many memories for me!!! What precious, precious moments you are capturing on this blog. Your girls are beautiful, enjoy this time, you'll blink and they'll be grown. Have a wonderful weekend!