Saturday, July 11, 2009

Getting party reeeeadddddddy!!

Do you know what it took for me to get a picture of Ellie Sue looking my way?! 

 Welllll, I had to ask her to come show me all of her jewelry!  
She shot straight my way, with her arm extended to show off her bracelets!  Then, 
her necklace.  Front...
AND back!  
But, you know... whatever it takes!  

Gabbi, on the other hand, requires no prompting to get big ol' smiles like this!  
She is still not a full out crawler on all 4's, but she is getting the hang of a few cycles on her knees, then plop... down onto her belly! 

Ok, so while the prep crew was outside getting the deck ready, Mary Allison was inside helping get the party favors ready!  
I bought my favorite flowers, ZINNIAS, for the front entrance.
and I laid out our party outfit, this CUTE shirt that Lindsay made Ellie for her BIG #2! 
Jessi printed off these owls and #2's that I painstakingly cut around to put back to back on a toothpick to stick into the mini burgers that Daddy-O is making for the kids tomorrow.  He thinks I am insane, but Jessi, Breanna, and I KNOW it is all about the details!! 
Speaking of Daddy-O!  This is NOT one of his better moments!  We ran out to Sam's to get some new patio furniture.  Paid too much, then as they brought it out to us from the warehouse, we looked at each other in amazement!! I will show you why in a minute! 
First, let's look at other beauties ready for their center stage moment... 
and more coleus with Margarita vine!   Oh, and I bought a couple of new birdhouses! 
I don't know for what yet, but I KNOW they are cute, and I will use them in the new house, so surely we can come up with something to do with them.  The theme of this party is "naturey".  Owls, leaves, birds, and the colors are teal, lime green, orange, and brown! 
Ok, so this is the STRESSOR!! ! The too-expensive patio furniture ALSO has to be assembled!!  
It came in about 50 parts!  
Putting things like this together is NOT mine, nor Todd's, forte'!  There were some pretty ugly words flying!  Especially, when he INSISTED that I do one of the chairs by myself, and THEN...
he had to disassemble the whole thing because I put the seat on backwards.  Good Times!! Good Times!! 

What he DID do and seem to kinda ENJOY was power washing! 
After doing the whole deck, he started tacking things like this (used to be red) chair!  
and that only meant one thing... we had to go buy a paint sprayer to fix that!  Now, my bench is black!  

And here are the toothpick toppers for the sliders! 
Oh, and little teal owl necklaces!  
and a giant #2 which is now covered in brown fabric with turquoise polka dots.  
Breanna was in charge of the birthday banner and making little fabric birds which we will clip all over a big branch that Mary Allison dragged out of the cutover next door.  We put it in a big urn, and I am presently waiting on my buddy, Bre, to show up with her stash!  Today is a WORK DAY!!  

If you are local, consider yourself invited!  4:00 tomorrow, at the Groves' NEST!  OH, I need to share the invitations.  I will post that later today!!  

Got lots to do.  Bye now!  

P.S.  Dee, I never told you how much I loved the poem!   Thank you.  I want to print that off and put it in the girls' scrapbooks!  AND, I would like to welcome our newest follower, Kellye Hoogland.  So glad you figured out how to sign on.  We like to see our homefolk reading about our shenanigans! Come by tomorrow, if you'd like!  Melanie


Holley Sisters said...

Sounds like that party's gonna be great! LOVE the theme! It's really unique. And HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY, ELLIE!

P.S. Good luck getting everything together. I know it's gonna be a fun day tomorrow!


Holley Sisters said...

How fun!! I love the theme and those necklaces! Wish we could be there. Happy Birthday, Ellie Sue!!!!!


tricia said...

The party is going to be a BLAST. I'd be stressing to the max with all you have to do!Happy Bithday Groves Girls

snekcip said...

Happy Birthday Ellie Suzanne! Wish Bree and I was there to celebrate with you guys! Mo, the party decorations are OVER THE TOP adorable! I can't wait to see the pictures!! Lindsay done a wonderful job on the shirt!!! TOO CUTE!!

PS Glad you like the poem, I cant wait to see how you matted in in their scrapbooks!!

Dawn (aka/Dee/Snekcip)

connie said...

sounds like yall will have a great time tomorrow sure wish i lived close i would come but i dont so i will be there in spirit give elli sue i big hug and kiss from me as soon as i can get to a store im going to buy her something and send it to her. and tell her happy birthday from me too..
i love your new patio funiture so pretty.. well have fun tomorrow sure wish i could be there im without a car right now too ughh oh when are u going to do the ear ring kit?? i cant wait to get one or maybe 2 according to the price of them..
hugs and love yall

Kellye Hoogland said...

Mel, Thanks for the invite. I would love to come, but I will be cheering Will and his team to a victory. Have a fabulous time and post lots of pics! (I know you will) BTW..Will is number 11!

Unknown said...

Two years old, hard to believe. My oldest will 17 Monday. Where does the time go? I know you guys will have a wonderful party and lots of fun.


Renee said...

I'm sure Ellie's party will be perfect. The colors and theme sound very creative. Looking forward to pictures and details. Have fun!

Happy Birthday Ellie Sue!

Beth E. said...

I wish I could be a little bird and fly right over....sounds like Ellie's party will be a HOOT!

stephleighjenkins said...

You are such an awesome mommy!!!!!! I can't believe Ellie is going to be 2. They grow up so quickly!!

Sarah said...

I officially need to hire you for all of my future parties! Consider yourself hired! I can't wait to see pics of the party and birthday girl tomorrow!


Bella's mommy said...

We will see you tomorrow! Hopefully Bella will behave herself!!! LOL!

Juli said...

OMG! I almost bought that bird house at hobby lobby today! What are you going to do with it? I thought about putting it in my scrapbook studio....still thinking about it.....hmmmm. And then one more thing....WHERE did you get the owl bead? OMGosh....please share ... i have GOT to have that!
They grow up fast.....and enjoy the party throwing 12 year old stopped wanting me to go all out about 4 years ago.

Kathryn said...

Our baby was 25 last week. Thud. I remember her second birthday party as if it were just last week! Have a wonderful time, and please tell the Birthday Girl that I love her.

Belinda said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLIE!!! I hope you have a great time at your party and get lots of gifts!!

Mo Your such a great mom! In one of your posts, you talked about how to handle adoption questions, a friend of mine adopted and then had two children. They tell their friends when asked that the friend grew in moms tummy, I grew in moms heart! I thought this was very fitting! Have a good time and I cant wait to see pictures.

Tammy said...

Gosh darn it, it there anything you don't do BIG! I want to be your kid! Can't wait to see the birthday girl and her cake! I'll be back!

Unknown said...

the party sounds awesome!!! Wish we were closer. My 7 yr. old would be all over the little necklaces!!! have a great day Ellie!!!!

Ally said...

I hope you have so much fun at your party and I hope you get lots of fun new toys!!