Saturday, June 20, 2009

Whooaaa, Nellie!

Well, would you look who is here?!  

Umm hmmm... if it ain't my BBFF, Lindsay?!  (See her blog for lots more pics of the day!!)  Can you believe that crazy thang drove 5 1/2 hours from Birmingham to be here for Shake for Jake?!  Oh, yea.  It is going to be a GOOD weekend.
These pictures just happen to be from our Teed Off at Cancer golf tourney today!  Todd was in charge, and he actually recruited our guest to take pics of all the players as they came around to the 18th hole.  
Todd did a great job of putting on this tournament in Jake's memory! He got the coolest little ditty bags full of fun things for all the participants.  

These are some of the volunteers who helped with registration.  I surely do love my MMPTers.  See the tiedye?!  That is us! 
And here is Todd and his BFF, Johnnye!  They are so close.  But would never admit it!  They are like a couple of chicks.  Paula and I make fun of them all the time.  Most men don' t have really good friends, so I am glad they have each other.  
This is my team!  We shot 3 under par, and we were pretty happy with that score, considering we were the only all girl team in the tournament! 
ANd once again, the girls from the beverage cart!  Need to quench that thirst.  Louisiana summers are H-O-T!!
Now, to the WHoa, Nellie part!  I cannot BELIEVE how many people are as excited about my canvases as I am!!  I haven't painted like this in probably 20 years!  I am LOVING it!  There was so much interest in them that we decided that for the Shake tomorrow, we will have to put numbers on each canvas and you know who... JESSI!!... made me an order form so we could make a custom one for anyone who wants one.  Several people were wanting the same ones.  
So, as soon as I get an opportunity, I will be posting them on here for anyone  to order the ones they may  want!  
Tonight, when I got to the convention center, I had a few more canvases, so I got jiggy with them too!  Here are a few new ones!  
I had special requests for "boy" ones, so here is my attempt at a football! 
and check out that swirly one in the background. It was super cute !  If I do say so myself.  and then, possibly one of my most fave ones of the day is this baseball one...
K.  So, I am about to DROP!  And tomorrow is a BIG, BIG day!  Hopefully, I will be running on adrenaline.  THanks so much to those of you who have volunteered to let us call you from the telethon.  and to those of you who have emailed me with your pledge.  That is so awesome!  You are such good "friends"!  


Anonymous said...

What an unbelievable day! Tod the Bod worked the Tournament and I know he made Jake proud! Mo, you weren't so bad yourself.......she doesn't give herself enough credit, yall! SO many people have worked so hard to make this weekend happen and I have a front row seat to seeing it all come together. Oh, and I get to partake in the madness too! Does it get any better than that? Loving the 11's today Mo.........and JAKE!

Kris said...

Good luck today. The canvasas are great. What a great tribute to Jake

Unknown said...

Looks like y'all are having a blast! Wish I could be there. Maybe next year! Is there a way to buy tshirts? I checked out the website and only saw the JOR foundation shirts. Thanks!

Holley Sisters said...

Wish you the best today!!! Canvases are so great!!


connie said...

i wish i could be there but im there in spirit.. i would love to get some stickers for my new car when ever i get one this coming week i hope to get one i cant wait to see pics from todays events and all


Holley Sisters said...

LOVE the canvases. That is really, really awesome. I hope you all have a GREAT time at Shake for Jake. I really wish I was there!

Holley Sisters said...

(That comment up there was from Mackenzie!! LOL)

laura said...

I want a canvas...either # 8 or 9. Lurker coming out. Love your site, and your babies are dolls.

laura said...

oh, my email is

sorry I should have put that. Proud of your hard work. Thinking about Jake.

Carrie said...

Oh, I am so happy things are going well and so bummed I am missing out on all the fun! I am very interested in buying two of the canvas' and can't wait till you post the details on how I can get my hands on them!
Here's hoping the rest of the Shake goes just as well. I agree with Lindsay...there really is nothing like witnessing it first hand. And it is such an honor to be a part of. What a wonderful thing you are doing in the name of sweet Jake and the entire pediatric cancer community!!! ROCK ON!!!

snekcip said...

Thinking of you guys today!! I know you guys had an awesome turnout! I can't wait for the canvasses!!!

Emily said...

Ok,I will be needing one of those order forms.....saw a "Believe" canvas I have to have(the one with the daisy on it).

Kelly said...

Those are really great "Believe" canvases!!!

stephleighjenkins said...

Hey Mo -- love the pics of the Shake! Is there a way to order some of the belive t-shirts that everyone had on. All of them were adorable!