Sunday, June 21, 2009

More tomorrow!

Tuckered out.
Worn out.

So, give ol' MO a break!  If you want to see a few pics from the band's point of view...  (I put in my email then Louisiana.)  I will see you all tomorrow.  (Hey, no matter what they say.  40 is NOT the new 30!)


Lisa said...

You and my daughter feel the same way....hummmmm! Must be something contagious! Love the blog; enjoyed Shake 4 Jake!

MLP said...

I can't wait to hear all and see all!!! I hope it will feel like I was there. I hear it was unBELIEVEable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doesn't surprise me one bit.

You take care and I hope you get caught up on your rest asap!

Beth E. said...

The pics are great! Looking forward to hearing ALL about it! Don't keep us waiting TOO long...we'll let you sleep tonight, though.

Goodnight...sleep tight!

Tammy said...

Awe ok, we'll cut you some slack, your the one that started all this Mo's reporting live from LA in the 1st place and now your asking for a nite off?? What gives, you say your not 30 anymore, lol? Ok, we'll be sweet, just cuz we LOVE your pictures and step by step reporting! Your eyes better be closed at this very moment little girl! Hugs from Fort Worth!

Katie said...

I agree with another person who posted...are those shirts for sale, the one with the peace, heart and believe?

Kathryn said...

I love, love the pictures! What a great party.

Unknown said...

The pic's were awesome! I can't wait to see yours :) Oh, and I started "running" about 3 months ago. I'm still not where I would like to be. Running is not "fun" to me but I am glad that I got into it for things like Jogging for Jake! :) I'm gonna try for the 1/2 marathon in December!

snekcip said...

Say it ain't SO

A tired and tuckered out MO

Not this talented, nonstop blogging DIVA

That wonderful mom of Ellie and Gabby lou, you know...the OVER ACHIEVER

We'll give her break, but only this time

Only because WE LOVE HER and HELL we are just that kind

So get some rest, because we are waiting on our Canvass

and those wonderful JAKE TSHIRTS that awaits us

We here the SHAKE FOR JAKE was something to behold

So we await your awesome update for it to be candidly re-told

Kiss Ellie and Smiley Gabby Lou
Dont forget that precious Maddi Boo

With all that said, I guess you know their are MANY hearts out here you have WON

So in other words....GIT'ER DONE!!

snekcip said...

Oops meant to say

"We (HEAR) the SHAKE FOR JAKE was something to behold"

DIDN'T PROOFREAD....but you know what I meant LOL!!

Roberta said...

Looks like a grand time was had by all. Rest up so you can blog more and show us more pictures.

rubylee918 said...

You needed to add "wilted" to that list... hope you slept good.