Monday, June 8, 2009

MoHenna. Or "Let's talk tatts"

This is Zach.
Did you check out his tatt?  Cool, huh?  It is a real one! 

And this is Mary Allison... hers is NOT.  So, you can rest easy, Pammie. 
Mary Allison and I went to a souvenir shop the other night to get henna tattoos.  It is just one of those things you do when at the beach!  

We shopped through their little book, but couldn't really find anything we liked.  Sooooo....
I asked them if they minded if I just drew ours.  They obliged.  Even discounted it because, I suppose, it meant less work for them.  
Then, when I got home, I colored mine in with scrapbooking markers.  Now, you didn't think I would come down here for a month without scrapbooking materials, did you?!  

So, when the "big boys" got here and saw our tatts, they said, WE MUST HAVE ONE.  They stormed my room when they heard I had bought Henna at the souvie shop.
They had all these grandiose plans about 12" crosses on their backs, and their names across their chests, like the dudes you see on Miami Ink. 

When it came down to it, their bravado was not quite so obvious. 
This is Nick.  He was first in line.  He asked for a Believe.  Think Zach had a little influence on him?  (Hey Pammie... that would be Mary ALlison's room in the background!  SHOULD be a cute little Ikea bed cover.  Instead, it is a cute little Ikea bed wad!)
What is cute is that all these boys knew Jake.  They are the boys who hung out in Memphis with Hunter and Hayden during the ordeal. I would imagine Jake's illness and death had a little molding on their lives.  Certainly, they will never forget.  And, for me, that is good enough!  
To the person who asked if my hair is naturally curly. Belinda, I think?  The answer is a resounding YES. Look at that shag!  But strangely, it has gotten CURLIER with age!  I think God just didn't want Ellie going through life being asked, "WHERE did you get those curls?"  The same way He didn't want me to explain my big ol' self in a bathing suit. I just carry my 9 month around, and everyone assumes I haven't lost all my "baby weight" !  Ha. Love it. 
Because they were so squirmy, I made each one of them lay full out on my kitchen cabinet so I could get the letters on straight.   Here is the line. 
Miss Jane.. this is your beloved, Katelyn's foot. I told her you said, "hi".  She is my little conservative one.  "Just a tiny little heart , please."  
And, Judy, you can be proud of your baby.  This is Courtney's foot.  Other than the fact that Maddi is now calling her "Horny", (so of course we all are)....
Talk about FUNNY is when she wants her to pick her up and she says, "Me.  Me, Horny!"  Oh, man.  Sidesplitting!  

Here is Hayden, sporting his tatt.  Do you see a central theme here?!
ahhhhh the precision.  Kat doesn't have anything on me!  LA Ink, anyone?!  
Clayton THOUGHT he wanted "believe" down his side.  Ummm... NO WAY!  I could just imagine how many times he would be coming back for "touch ups".  That arm swinging down by his side... NOPE!  Down your back, big boy!  
And here is the motley crew.  
They are so brave and cool.  All of them ended up with "believe".  Awww... they loved that Jake!  Mo


MLP said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want a BELIEVE, too!!!

Lanny said...

"I just carry my 9 month around, and everyone assumes I haven't lost all my "baby weight" ! Ha. Love it."

LMAO! Me too! And my hair has also gotten curlier with age. It used to be straight as can be. I swear it's so people don't ask my oldest where she got hers from.

I love reading your blog. I always smile at the similarities in our children. :)

Nana said...

Love that blue toe polish.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so can I borrow your 9 month old? I haven't lost my baby weight and mine's a little big to be carrying around :))))))

Belinda said...

Thanks MO. Mine is curlier too with age. But strangly neither of my parents have hair as kinky as mine!! My Dads was wavy, but not this kinky!

Becky said...

Mo ~ I am so starting to think that my weekly trip I take to the beach each year is boring......won't my adult kids be surprised when I spice it up this year. Also, you get kudos for helping me find the brand of wagon to carry my 21 month old granddaughter and my 15 month grandson in at the beach next month & Walmart was kind enuff to put it together free!

Judy Cousans said...

I am STILL laughing out loud about Horny!!! I'm so glad ya'll are having fun and so thankful that Courtney has your family in her life!! Enjoy the rest of your beach time!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you see my post tonight? We had tats going on too!:)

connie said...

i love the tatas too i want a believe one too i love the pics of the boys getting theirs mo you are a good artist thats for sure. iam so glad you all are having so much fun down at the beach i love seeing al the pics that you are taking of your family.. cant wait to see tmorrows pics and read what you all did. have fun and enjoy the kids

Unknown said...

AWESOME tats! Those rock. I've seriously been giving it some thought about getting one on my foot, still thinkin on it. Love the idea of the boyz all wanting BELIEVE! That rocks!

Kim said...

Mo ~ I absolutely LOVE the winged heart you have on your foot! Could you please, please, please send me the drawing as I have been considering a *real* tatt and would love this one!! How FUN that everyone got their very own special cool that the boys chose BELIEVE!!

Shooooweee.....I nearly choked as I took a drink while reading * horny*....out of the mouth's of our babes!! I LOVE it!

Have a FANTASIC week!!

snekcip said...

Mo you and the crew getting all TATTED UP is cool!! Girl you are even talented as a tattoo artist! Where is the end of the line, I WANT ONE !!!!

breanna said...

That's awesome! I definetly want to come up for shake for jake,but ONLY if you let me in on all the fun helper stuff!:)

Sandy said...

Hey Mo
I love the Believe tattoos you should do those at the Shake I want one.Sandy

sococo said...

Ok, when you get home, I am bringing my kids to your house for a henna! No one here does them, and they want a real tatoo in honor of their friend that just died. I of course said no real ones, but yes to henna's! Love the name of the babysitter. I can just see ya'll cracking up each time Ellie says that!!

Holley Sisters said...

Haha! I want some MoHenna! (Preferably beLIEve)

Holley Sisters said...

It looks like I said beLIEve (emphasis on the LIE) on the last comment! But that was an accident! BELIEVE me!! ;)