Monday, June 1, 2009

LOVE this place!!

We have found THE place to go out to eat! It is called The Hangout. We took Measson out to eat there for her birthday. First because they make a spectacle of the birthday girls, and second, because there is ROOOOOOM to ROOOAAAM! Yeah, baby!
There is this humongous fan that keeps the big open room cooled. All four walls have roll up shades to let the light shine in! Thus the perfect lighting for my pictures!! It is right on the beach, and people are actually in and out, even barefoot! It is a very laid back atmosphere. Think Jimmy Buffet kind of CHILL!!
There is a clown that walks around making animal balloons, walking on stilts, and with his little black scottie dog who does tricks! This is Ellie Sue checking him out!
and Gabbi Lou doing the same! Don't think that if you are under about 3 years old you can get a balloon... because you CAN'T! Safety issue. WHATEVER! Ok, so I had to hear "boon. boon. Mama, Booooooon!" for the rest of the night while the other kids played so boisterously with theit puppy dogs and swords. poor, poor Ellie! Wait, Nevermind that! Know why? Because they had LINE DANCING!!! And oh yes we DID! Unlike Measson who missed her moment in the spotlight up on that table, Ellie and I took our moment to SHINE! That is Kristina, our waitress. I always look at my waitstaff's nametag. I don't know. Always have! My Poppa always did that when I was growing up, and I thought it was cool. Really, I think it is courteous! I like to call them by their name when I ask for something. Like, "Julio, can I please have more tartar sauce?" I think they appreciate it and work harder for you. There's a bird. May have been a seagull?! Here is a cute picture of Ellie and DeeDee. That is the humongous fan in the background. It is like a huge, huge propeller. Lord only knows they DO NOT want that to fall! And I really love the lighting in this picture. It is a pretty picture. May make the condo wall! Do you see that Lilly White has a little color? Yep. And NO, JinJin, we haven't had a single burn! (the little ones anyway. ) I know she is wondering! Before she left, I went to the store with some of the peeps from MMPT and got an 85 spf, 50 spf, 15 spf, Baby kind, face kind and lip stuff. I told them that no matter what I bought, it would not be right. They kinda chuckled like I was kidding. Sure enough, when I got back to the room and proudly opened all my loot, she said, "What? No Bullfrog? I usually like to use Bullfrog." Sigh! See Ellie Sue wandering in the background? I think she is looking for a new family! And here they are! This is not a singular occurence! She will just go plop herself down at some inviting person's table. I mean it. She has ZERO inhibition with strangers. I have to keep a close eye on this one! This family loved it! You can't really see it, but there are kids across from Daddy. That is always an attraction for Sue Sue. Ooooooh, JinJin is gonna have a hayday with this one! More gazing longingly toward the other kids and their balloon animals!
I love these pics of Daddy and his girls. Do you think Todd and Ellie look alike? I do. And I kinda think GG will be my Mini Me! See that left eye? Dr. Parker? See it?! It just doesnt' line up! Gabbi's, I mean. Todd, yours is fine!
A rarity... Todd caught laughing in a pic.
And wanna know what else is awesome about the Hangout?!
There is a whole big ol' outside play area! I mean, we ARE GOING BACK THERE... in play clothes!
Some kids are even out there in their bathing suits! These outfits are from Remember Ngyuen. I think I spelled that right. They are an online company. Tell them I sent you. I need a discount! I have to buy everything in twos!
Hey, aunt Kimmie. Mom tells me about you all the time. And Jessi, and Ramsay, and Katie, and Mammy, and Crystal, and..... all the MMPT peeps who are missing me!
Hubba Hubba. I tell all your friends too. Johnnye,and Al, and Bubba, and Jackie, and.... all your golfing friends. They are awaiting your return too, sweet angel!
Ellie just didn't know what to think! I mean, seriously... out to eat. Out of my highchair, dancing. Barefoot. In the sand... what next?!
FOAM PARTY!! !!!!!
Oh my LORD... could it get any better than this!?
DeeDee was encouraging it!
This is Miss Susanne in the sand. Looking toward all the big kids with whom she thinks she way more in common!

If they went through a tunnel, through it she went!
Gabbi Girl just squealed with delight! See that necklace on Measson's neck?! It is a silver crown with different clored Swarovski crystals for her birthday. She couldnt' find herself a birthday crown at the grocery store, so I made her one to wear that night.
And would you look at this Miss Big Shot?!
And can you even believe that this post is almost over? Hope you had something to drink while you were reading it! It was a doozy. And while I am talking about LONG posts... have I ever told you what I go through to post them?!
Dude... if someone can get the answer to me on this one, I am sending you a BIG PRIZE!!!
I have a Mac. I think you all know that by now. I don't know how to use the dern thing. Also, a known fact! Soooooo, I have this program called Boot Camp on my puter that lets me switch from Mac side to Windows. I like to store my pics on iPhoto, because of how well it organizes them. and how accessible they are and how I can easily view them... yada yada yada. So... when I call up MoJoy to do a post, I upload all my pics on the Mac side, since that is where they are stored. Anyone who uses Blogspot understands what a chore that is, in itself! Ok, so here is where it gets F-U-N!
I have to then shut down my computer and reboot in Windows. BECAUSE.. I cannot click and drag my pictures on the Mac side into the appropriate place in my text. Understand? SO, if I didn't upload my pics in the exact order of my "story", then I have to switch over and move them in Windows. Jill Johnson, if you say "Click and drag", I am gonna come up there and knock you in the head! I cannot "click and drag"! So...any of you computer nerds or married to computer nerds , specifically Mac computer nerds, please advise! It is a long and arduous process! First one to fix my problem can come and vacation for the next 3 weeks with us. Nah. Sorry. The hubby is a recluse and doesn't like company! So, you will have to settle for a MoBeads treat. I have made a lot! Come on people. Come together. "We are the world. We are the children. We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let's start giving. There's a choice we're making.... " Just trying to get you in the inspired, we love Melanie, spirit!

Hope you liked the pics!
melanie (Ellie is now calling Meyanie... especially when trying to avoid being in trouble with another person... sly dog!)


Anonymous said...

Here is your answer!!!!!!!!!!!

But, tell Todd, he needs to start likin' some company because I'm moving in!!!!

It's called FUSION and you can buy it at the MAC store and everywhere else! It has all the virus software so you can run windows and NOT have to shut down to go from Windows to Mac or vise vesa.......get it? I had the same problem with my embroidery software and one little visit to the MAC store was all I needed to solve my big ole dilema (that's pronouced dil-emma like dil and emma). When it's a great big problem that's what I call it!! There was a big fat seagul........Oh, and did you know? bowen has the dress the girls have on tonight. She has the full length dress though-LOVE those outfits!!! Let me know if you have other ?'s about the MAC issue......oh, and I'll settle for coral, just some coral ;)))))))

Kathryn said...

Tell me about click and drag. Somebody needs a good smack with that click and drag. That is the reason I haven't updated in a million years.

Anyway, those girlies are just too much! Love the pics and the story. Thank you as always, and have a great day!

Oh, I almost forgot. Masson is looking older since her birthday. Much more mature. Sheesh.

tricia said...

Such a treat....all those pics!!!

Beverly said...

What can I say? I live for your posts. The pics, the story, the girls outfits. You start my day out with smiles! I just love those girls!

randdmom said...

The dresses, oh the dresses!!! As soon as I saw your girls I fell in love with their dresses. I'm really lovin' DeeDee's hair too! I may have to try to duplicate that look for my appointment today. Have fun in the sun today...
One more thing - about the bullfrog. Several years ago my sister and I were at the water park in Houston. While we applied sunscreen to the kiddos a man who had obviously been severely burned was watching us. He couldn't help himself and introduced us to bullfrog. It's what his MD told him to use. On my very fair skinned child it does work the best! Allllll day and no matter how much sweat. Of course, your precious angel girls don't sweat and never will. They're too sweet for sweat!!!

Liloia Family said...

My son had the same eye problem that Gabbi seems to have. He outgrew it by the time he was one. His eye not being straight really stood out in pictures. I brought pictures to the doctor with me, they told me he'd outgrow it and he did. Hopefully that's the case with Gabbi too. I LOVE that restaurant, seems like a really fun place!! Sorry can't help with the Mac problem, I am semi-computer illiterate...LOL.

Renee said...

Don't have an answer for your mac problems, but Thank you for going through all that trouble for your faithful followers. I can always walk away from your blog with a smile.

Mbeaty19 said...

I think this was one of my favorite posts. I love all the pictures with the amazing lighting. Those girls are so adorable and I agree that Ellie looks like Todd. While Gabbi still has a lot of the baby look I do see some resemblance to you. Further proof that God (and Jake) created those two angels just for you.
What a amazing place you have found also. It's too bad about the balloon animals but it's nice to know that they are taking safety concerns into consideration. If only you could make the little ones understand that.
I wanted to thank you for all the poses from behind pictures you have been posting. A lot of people ask me why I take so many from behind , I just love the expressions and 'in the moment' feel of those shots. Glad you do to.
Thank you for going through so much to post and I hope someone is able to help you with it. I'm completely anti-MAC.
Thanks for the great post and keep them coming.

Momma and Her Doodle said...


Parallels Desktop for Mac is what you need, the latest version is 4.0 and is availbe online at an Apple Store or even at Best Buy (Do you have those in the deep south?) The software package is $80 and it allows you to roam free from Windows to Mac without a reboot.
For a demo view here...

Love the pics of the girls, Nick adores them both!


Dannon said...

Lovin Ellie Sue's curls!!!!!!!!! And I think she looks like her daddy too!

Roberta said...

I just LOVE all the vacation pictures. The girls are growing up way to fast!! Sorry I can't help you with the MAC problem but I am sure someone out there will help you out soon. God Bless you and yours!

Ness said...

Hey Mo! Been a while since I commented cause my family dramas keep getting in the way but I get my morning fix with my coffee keeping up with Ellie and Gabbi(and you and Todd but you don't look so cute without your frilly clothes and hairbows!) Glad you're having the time to be a family and make the memories as Jake taught us to do. Can't wait for tomorrow's adventures! If I had had a Mary Allison in my life, I might have had more than 3 kids. She is a Godsend!

Anonymous said...

Well I think you have a few ideas on what to do, so I won't add to any rofl.
What a great time you are having. We went to the Hangout last year when we were there and my kids LOVED it. It became the bomb for them and asked to go 2,3 times a day. I love Nguyen store, you have me hooked on there stuff. I will DEFINATELY tell them you sent me. I too, order in twos so I get ya on that double expense. BTW can I please come with you next year lol

Jeri said...

I don't comment often, but just have to the post...especially the pictures! And those dresses are adorable. Just have to say also, that I have a new grand-daughter and knew you would appreciate her name (think of the great state that you live in when you say her name): Lucy Anna Nope they aren't from there, and didn't even realize it, only when a nurse made the comment!!!! I immediately thought of your Ellie Sue (LSU) and laughed and knew it was a great name!!!! Your girls are cuties and I know my Lucy will be too!

Kacy said...

Just givin you props for the post!! I loved all the pictures and the storyline. I'm glad others could fix your Mac problems cause I couldn't, but I can empathize with what you go through just to get it done. If Mac complicates things, you truly are a Saint.

Unknown said...

MEL!!! We miss you at the office...and are extremely jealous that you are spending a month at the beach and we only got a weekend....but I can't was an awesome weekend!!!! Thanks again!!! ;)

The Hangout is AWESOME!!!! I think that we need one in the Monroe area....even though it would be minus the beach.

My guess is that it took you 2 and a half hours to do that post.

Have a great rest of your time at the BEACH!!!!

Crystal said...

Well.... I sure can't fix that computer problem!! there a prize for just wanting to kiss the fire out of those cutie patootie lips? And Miss Suzie Q's too when SHE decides I can of course! Conner and Clara are really lovin seeing the beach pictures. They've never been either. I have to do better! Oh yeah!! Signed up to work at Shake for Jake today. Can't wait :)

Holley Sisters said...

I LOVE the white and blue dresses and Mary Allison's necklace.