Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I love my little family!

Remember the other night when we were the family who 'looked like sherbert"?   Per Todd!
Well, these are pictures from that night!  
My girls have the sweetest little dresses on and they are cottony, and breezy, and summery, and have tiny white flowers on the side of them.  
I think my girls in these dresses may be a memory I cherish from this trip!  I just loved holding their sweet little selves!  And check out those curls on Ellie Sue's head!
It is a challenge to get all 8 eyes pointing toward the camera at the same time.  So, we just make the best of the situation.  
And it is time to celebrate.  Know why?  
Because Todd got up this morning and decided to cut that funky little hairy thing off his chin!  We have been together for about 17 years, including dating years, and I have only seen him ONE time without facial hair!  He shaved it, and it was back in a couple of weeks, and he has had a goatee ever since!  But he is going a little crazy now.  Wanting to let it "grow long".  I convinced him he was a) not a UFC cagefighter, and b) is not ZZ Top; therefore, it needs to GO! He obliged.
Oh my. Did you see the sweet little white flowers on the side of that dress?

And here is one of our sweet babysitters.  Julie, Billy, we LOVE Katelyn.  She and Mary Allison are making our week so absolutely wonderful!  We are having such a nice, relaxing time with the Fords, Raborns, and Bourlands.  We certainly couldn't do it without them.
Some of these are blurry.  But I love my GG's expressions.
I could eat her up.  She is starting to mock Ellie when she is squealing, crying, talking.  Gabbi adores her big sister, and I am LOVING seeing her "play" with her.  
She is also so ticklish!  I am trying to get a grin out of her.  All I have to do is pretend I am coming at her with my "claw", and she anticipates it and starts laughing! 
Dang.  She is FUN!
Only a couple more.  Mary Allison was snapping away as we walked ahead of her on the boardwalk.  
I love that my babysitter knows how much I love pictures and assumes the role so I can be in pics with my girls from time to time.  I am not vain.  I just love to have memories that include me!  Is that so bad?!  LOOoooook at THIS expression!  
And of course, I love Ellie too!  However, she doesnt' get my adoration in Ellie and Mom pics, because she will NOT stay still enough for pics and especially not for me to hold.  Butttttt.... strap her in her carseat, and ta da... CUTE!  Can you see her little tan!?
I did take a bunch of pics of Maddi today.  Let me load em up and I will share. 
Nighty night!  


Dawn said...

Your babies are just so precious. I have enjoyed your beach blogs and all the pics.

I am looking forward to seeing you guys next weekend for the Shake.

Love you all,

Kathryn said...

Love those dresses! Perfect for little girlies. Have a great day!

sportzmom said...

I love the little white flowers! Looks like you are having a blast!

Beth E. said...

The dresses are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! The family pics are awesome. You should frame those!

I wanna see pics of Todd w/o his goatee!

Have fun today...I know you will. :-)

JenTJohn said...

Glad you are having a wonderful time with your family...Your girls are just too cute!

Renee said...

Great family photo! That one is frame worthy for sure. Looking forward to seeing photos of Todd the Bodd with no Go-tee and of course more of the 3 girls.

Reba said...

You have a beautiful family. I love all of the pictures. I understand about wanting to treasure those memories...we had a photographer come last year to the beach to take our pictures. I love the ones we got but my one regret is that I didn't ask him to take more of ME with the kids. I have so very few. Anyway, both girls are precious.

Lisa said...

I love love love the picture of you from the back holding Gabbi up in the air - that will make a great scrapbook page or even a great picture for a frame!!

tricia said...

great seeing you in pictures!

MLP said...

I love your little family, too!!!

Kim said...

Loving the *sherbet* family picture....I can see that blown up and framed for sure!!

Have a FANTASTIC rest of your vacation! You are so very lucky to have such wonderful babysitters!

connie said...

i love the pics of you and your precious baby girls they are growing up so fast looks like they are having a great time at the beach. i cant wait iam leaving in the morning to go to fort payne al wahooo i wil be taking loads of pics but not as many as you do mo.. i will share mine when i get back. oh i got to go to the bead store in a little while and get me some beads to take with me so i can bead while im gone im taking my necklaces with me that i have made i hope to sell some of them while im gone. well have fun the rest of your time down there i will check on you guys when i get back home sunday night.. hugs to you all

Sandy said...

I just love your pictures. Those babies are sooo precious. I love those lil cottony dresses too. Hope you guys continue to have a great time.

Rebecca B. said...

Your blog and pictures just make my day. Where is your curly hair today? Did you actually have time to straighten it? You all look wonderful.

RADstitches said...

That kid smiles ALL THE FREAKING time! It kills me! But, that is a GOOD thing cause the opposite that is not pleasant! LOL Would you come home already!

Kelly said...

So cute. I decided the other day I need to be in more of my pictures. It's starting to look like they don't even have a mom!! I actually asked my husband to take a few of me holding Ryan the other day and I forced myself to put them on my blog. LOL