Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An attempt at a family photo!

We tried. Really we did! I got the girls all dressed up in little matching white breezy dresses. For three weeks I'd watched families parade down to that beach in matchy, matchy clothes, (sometimes light blue. sometimes white and khaki. sometimes black tees and blue jeans.) Always such cute little color schemes, and I just wanted the Groves pics to be cute... so what to wear?! Tonight would be OUR night. Masson said whe would take our pics and we bribed Todd the Bod to get dressed and get down there when the sun was setting for "just right" lighting! Gabbi is definitely the easy one! She just hangs out and grins! I was amazed to get a few of ol Daddy-O grinning too! I am not sure what was going on with my hair. I am trying out for Rock of Love. I think Brett Michaels would dig all this wildness! This is what you call BEACH hair! I rarely dried it, and only used the Chi once! This night was NOT that once!
Ata girl, Masson. Crop in on that hair. and by all means, get those raccoon eyes! I even tried smaller sunglasses, but, alas, it was not meant to be! WOuld you look at pretty Gabbi Gull?! Oh my lands. Is it? Could it be? 3 or 4 facing the camera and smiling? Gabbi... what are you looking at?! WHy are you not smiling? This could have had Christmas card written all over it!

Awwww, and even sometimes Hellcat decides to participate.orrrrrrrr not! This would be Ellie the REST of the time ESCAPING the camera and the group photos by going off to play alone and to see what the camera could capture from behind! After many attempts, we said, "hey there are some shovels!" and then we let 'er rip! We thought perhaps that would keep Hellcat stationary enough for Dad and I to sneak in and get in a few shots with the two of them. I wish you could see the 56 or so picture ATTEMPTS of us holding the two of them and Ellie's CRYING, WINCING, ARCHING, and FLEEING!! They are pretty funny, I suppose. You know what they say, "Someday you are going to look back on this and Laaaaugh!" Ha. Ha. Ha. All Todd and I could do was grin and bear it. Maybe our Christmas card will have to be from behind. A few minutes later, we looked around to see Ellie over stealing a kid's toys. But, you gotta admit, the sunrays coming down through that little umbrella may have been worth a little theft!
Oh, dude. I love this one! And this one. Hey. Where is Gabbi?
NO Gabbi. NOT the sand. Ooooh yuck! Will that pass through?!

And then sometimes, Ellie Sue can look so angelic!
Oh, this one is sweet. I wish GG was facing the front. At the same time that we were taking these, the Fords were taking a professional picture with a local photographer who was at the beach with scheduled appointments. Staci and her crew met up with her at 6:00 AM!! I didnt' expect to take pics with her, but we actually ended up doing so. We had a gorgeous sunset, so I can't wait to see how they turned out. We had about 4 teens doing all kinds of tricks to get Ellie to look at the camera, smile, and just plain ol' cooperate! The audience swears there is going to be one or two good ones in the batch. When I see them, I will try to share!
And finally, I got to end the night in this very sweet way! Me, feeding my sweet girl a bottle. Isnt' that a sweet thing!? Get ready, Mindy. Here you go again!

Thanks to Cyndi, Kacy, and Kathryn, who gave me their phone numbers for the telethon. I really do appreciate your participation. I will get Todd to call you personally!



melinda marie said...

I just updated a post with pics of my friend Annette. She was so thankful for your email re. her "right turn man." Thanks again!


breanna said...

luuv those pictures! Luuv those dresses!!! You're right...the umbrella was totally worth stealing.

Sandy said...

I love the pictures and last year my family made one from behind and I swear everyone that sees it compliments on it. you will love it. Can't wait til tomorrow for the SHAKE

Beth E. said...

I love your pictures! Sometimes the best ones are the ones not "planned." Masson did a great job.

That being said, I'm looking forward to seeing your professional pics!

Hey, what time would Todd be calling? (I live in Virginia.)


Amy said...

So you didn't get that perfect family beach picture. Thank God you have about a million others to make up for it!! I love waking up in the morning, getting a nice big mug of coffee and checking out your blog. I just want to give those girls a big hug, they are just so sweet. I remember when Miss GG came home from the hospital and was a real handful. She sure came out of her shell and she always has a smile on her face now. You are such a great Mommy Mo!! It's what you were born to do for sure, well that and super aunt!!

Holley Sisters said...

The monogrammed dresses are really cute! Those pics are great! And by the way, I just LOVE the names Gabbi Lou and Ellie Sue. Really catchy! LOL.

Mackenzie :)

Rhonda said...

I can't wait to see the professional shots!! Although, Masson did get some good ones! I love the candids!

We are going to Destin in a few weeks and are planning the ultimate Christmas card photo already!! We have been shopping for the perfect (fit, style and price) white sundresses for myself and 10 1/2 year old daughter! Dad is easy with a white shirt and khaki shorts! I'm already dreading the photo shoot! My 6 and 9 year old nephews and their parents will also be in some, so it should be interesting!! We have been looking for a professional photographer, but man oh man, the sitting fees are OUTRAGEOUS!!

Well, love the pictures and the girl's dresses! As always, they are beautiful!!

Kris said...

I have 10 grandkids and this year at Christmas I decided to take the family pictures BEFORE they could open presents! You have never seen a more cooperative group of kids. Then I wanted one of Dad and his 4 boys...well after 5 or 6 tries I gave up...and they are grown men!!!!!!!!! So then I asked my 4 daughter-in-laws to get up for a picture and we were done!
I also have a lot of pictures trying to get all the kids facing forward...each year one of them is either crying, crawling away or looking the other way! I said someday I'm going to take a frame and frame them.
I loved the picture of you 4 playing with the shovels. And the one with the umberalla is priceless!

Kelly said...

Those pictures are downright adorable! You are will look back on this one day and laugh.

Melissa said...

I love the pictures!!!
Thanks so much for recommending a Flip on your blog. I bought one and I totally LOVE it!!

snekcip said...

Masson did a good job!! The girls dresses were just too adorable!! Oh I bet the "professional shots" are just beautiful! I love BEACH PICTURES!!

PS I thought I would surely get to meet you this weekend, my grandson which was due JULY 13th, decided to make his grand entrance JUNE 13instead!!! Yep he came a whole month early!! We didnt get a chance to have the baby shower, so instead it will MEET/GREET our NEW BABY party instead (LOL)! So I head to Dallas on tommorrow! One day I will get to meet your beautiful family!!

Tara said...

You have a Beeeeeautiful family. I love the pics of Miss Ellie with the umbrella. Hey, did you ever post the brand of your awesome green shoes? I can't stop thinking about them! :)

Sandy P said...

I think you will want a picture that is more recent for Christmas. Just think how big Gabbi will be by then.

rubylee918 said...

Awwww I loved the pictures. You have an adorable family and I so enjoy reading your blog everynight..... the girls crack me up and Gabbi would make Mr Scrooge melt with her smile.

MLP said...

So you didn't get the 'perfect' picture, but still you got some priceless pics!!! You guys make SUCH A BEAUTIFUL, LOVING family. I love ya'll.

Okay, you made me cry at the end there with your baby love shout out. I sure wish I could hold Gabbi Lou and get some of that sweet, precious baby girl's lovin'. I just smile when I see her pictures!

I'm wondering if Lindsay is there yet??????? I so wish I could be there with you guys. You wouldn't want me around right now...but it's ALL okay and ALL worth it. Seeing that picture of you holding Gabbi reminds me of JUST THAT!!! So it's allllllllllllllllllllll good.

I am praying for an AMAZING weekend honoring an AMAZING little boy who most certainly affected my life in the most positive way possible. I BELIEVE.

SarahBeth said...

love the pics! that family of yours is sure beautiful!!!

Lisa said...

I think the picture from behind would make a great Christmas card but maybe some of the professional ones will be great also. You got some great shots!!