Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Something for Aunt Kimmie

Consider this a little mid afternoon snack!  The previous post was a big meal, and tonight's post will be an entree, but in the middle, (and because I am up in the room savoring a babysitter who is napping with the babies.  I'm not a napper!), I am sneaking in a "snack".  

Before we left, Aunt Kimmie, (Andy's mom from my clinic), said you had better keep those pictures coming or I will have withdrawals!  (Thus the lagniappe pic of Ellie Sue above... just to be fair and all inclusive!)  She also wanted to make sure she was among the first to see gabbi Girl crawl!  She is one of the parents who LIKES and EXPECTS my kiddos to be at the clinic when she shows up for her kid's appointments!  

OK, so I am sitting in the dining area of the condo and Gabbi is in the floor of the "den".  It is really all one room, divided by a chair.  Anyhoo, I look up to see this....
Ok, so my kids DO get dirty!  and go without bows.   and have days of just diapers and no cute panties.  But I digress... The point is is that Miss Smiley Face has figured out how to get around the chair and find her mammy!    And by that grin, I would say she is prettttttty darn fired up about it! 
She is getting on her hands and knees, but still not really going anywhere with that!  More of a rocking kinda thing right now.  But let her get on her belly and inchworm along, and she is an ANIMAL!!  
Mama is so proud of you, Gaggi.  
( and I am sure Aunt Kimmie is too!)

And now scroll on down if you missed last night's "meal"!  It is my GG at 9 months, so it is an important one!!  


sportzmom said...

She is too cute! (so is Ellie) Love the smile on her face! Have a great time at the beach.

MaryH said...

I need to and want to post more often - just remembered my Google password - that should help a LOT - anyway.....Gabbi has to be the happiest baby I have ever seen - Love the picture of you holding her high in the air and promising many more great adventures. Ellie's boots are the best!

Dawn A. said...

She makes me smile when I see that big oh grin.

Anonymous said...

Oh how she can melt my wee wittle heart with that smile. The milestones never get old, ever...even when they are 16 lol. Glad you are enjoying some quietness, jealous!

Beth E. said...

Lagniappe...lagniappe???? I had to get out the dictionary and look that up...sheesh. We don't use fancy words like that in these here parts. ;-)

snekcip said...