Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dixie Diehards Season opener!

We took a little field trip on Saturday! I took my girls out to the ballpark for a special ballgame!  Does the cap give you a hint?!   Look closely!
We went out to watch Team Melanie Massey Physical Therapy play ball.  They are in the DIxie Diehard League.
It is never very long before Ellie bellies up to someone and finds a new family, or in this case, mama, to hang out with.  She is definitely not a discriminatory kid.  She likes everybody and would just go home with anyone if I let her.  This is Shelbi's mom, Emily.
So, let's meet a few of the players.  This is Tucker.  He ain't playin for playin's sake!  He is playin' to WIN!  (Even though the league's motto is "Where Every Kid is a Winner" and there is no scoreboard.)  No one told Tucker that! 
This is Cole.  He was extra special to me Saturday morning!  Know why? 

Because he loved doing this... and I loved letting him! 
I've given up on strollers.  I prefer to take a wagon.  The girls love it, and even though there is no seatbelt, as in a stroller, they ("they"... ha!) don't seem to fight me to get out of the wagon like "they", that being ELLIE, do to get out of the stroller. 

Cole is Andrew's brother.  This is Andrew's first year to play.  In fact, this was his first game.  He LOVED it! 
Anna, on the other hand, is an old pro!  This kid can smoke it around those bases!  I said, "Hey, Anna.  Get in the ready position" and I bent down to show her how.  NO sweat!  She got right into the position for a photo op!   She is such a cutie!
As is.. Karson!  She was not quite as willing a participant for posing.  She is stylin' and profilin' with her pink glove! 

This is Blake and his coach.  I am so proud of Blake for even playing.  It is hard for him to stay in one place, and he was doing really well on defense! Way to go, Blake. 
Where's my kid?  Oh, there she is.  Ol scarface!  Bless her little heart! OH, and Mindy...like our tee shirt!?  We love that Believe shirt thanks to Trendy Mindy.  
Aw, sorry Gabbi.  I didn't mean to catch you all squinty and all.  But here are the girls all sitting pretty in their wagon.
And remember Cole and Andrew?  Well, their brother, Jack is somewhere running around the ballpark, and this is sister, Ella Kate.  They will be our neighbors across the street when we build our house.  That is mom, Cynthia.  Want to know a happy secret?!  Our hoodie across the street is EXPECTING!  NUMBER 5!!  
Ella Kate is the one that I have mentioned before.  Just imagine the hormones we will be hit with one day.  Maddi, Ellie, Gabbi, Ella Kate, and number 5 on the way.  We don't know if we are getting a little boy or girl to play with.  But, I will tell you what... those girls are going to have a KILLER wardrobe!! Remember when we were in junior high and high, even?  Remember borrowing a shirt or shoes or a belt from your best friend?! Well, I'd say with all these girls being in such close proximity to one another, they are gonna have the HOOK UP!  Back to the game! 

Here is ol' Sheli Mae.  After being the lead dog at the Relay for Life the night before, she was up and at em the next morning for the CPA team.  She was on MMPT last year.  WHat's up with that?! 
This is ANdrew after rounding homeplate and heading back to the dugout.
And Evan gave me a thumbs up too!
Oh, and I must comment on the two coaches... this one is Christy.  She is an occupational therapy assistant (COTA) at MMPT.  She loves her kids, and it shows in the way she is always one of the first to volunteer to do things "after hours" to help in making "our" kids lives as fun and full as possible.  
and Coach number two is Heather!  She has functioned as an OT tech at MMPT for the past year +.  She recently found out she was accepted to OT school down in St. Augustine, FL.  She will be leaving us in July.  We surely will miss her.  She is helping run some of our summer camps at the office.  The kids love her, and she will make a great therapist!  

Well, that is about it for our Dixie Diehard roadtrip.  I used to be pretty involved in the league, but honestly, when Jake got sick, I just DROPPED all of my "extra" curricular events/commitments.  I knew any free time I had would be used driving to Memphis.  And, then after he died, well...  my life has been kinda whirlwind of craziness since.  First, the surprise of getting Ellie, then the very pleasant surprise of giving her a sister!  So, needless to say, I had a HUGE priority shift in my life!  I still love and support the league, I just have to do so from afar.  I am glad my own kids get to know kids of all abilities!   It is a good thing!  Melanie

Oh, and North Carolina, here I come... tomorrow!


MLP said...

Your children will be so blessed from ALL of these AMAZing experiences just as your children are such blessings to ALL of us!!!

Of course I love the shirt. Careful washing it! hee hee! I'm not a professional, but mine have all washed well.

Have a fun trip. Can't wait to hear about it.

What cuties in this post...each and every one of them!!!

tricia said...

safe travels. what you do for kids is AMAZING

Kathryn said...

First of all, Sweetie, you are going the wrong way. NC is not the way to Illinois. Google my address. For real. This is going to add quite a bit of time to your trip. Just sayin'.

Looooove the pics and the story! We were at a St. Louis Cardinals' game tonight, and your story just fits right in with my day.

sococo said...

Tucker was MY baby when he was little! I was blessed to be able to see him sit up, take his first steps, speak his first words etc.. I LOVE my job, and consider it truely a blessing to be involved in these kids lives! I love being a buddy at the games, our baseball team goes every year and it is a great highlight for myself and the boys!

Helen Davis said...

Mo, I have never signed but girlfriend I read your blog every morning before I get started for work. I live in North Carolina, what part are you going to? I sure wish I could meet up with you and see you in person. I have followed Jake for so long. Please email me and let me know.

randdmom said...

Okay Mo, where in NC are you headin'? I took my mom to the airport this am to go home to Louisiana - we could use more LA company!
Lisa in Charlotte

Beverly said...

Where in North Carolina are you going to be? I'm in Garner which may as well be Raleigh. Anywhere near? Let us know - PLEASE!

Nana said...

Melanie...this blog was very special. Thank you for posting it. I agree.. Ellie and Gabbi will be blessed from growing up watching you share your amazing talents, compassion, and interest in others. What a great post..
Have fun in NC. I just knew we could retire and move there or TN...but Hill Country called..or grandhildren did!!!

snekcip said...

Mo I just love how you share your everyday activities. I just love the ballpark pics of the kids from MMPT!! Ellie and Gabbi will be so well rounded!!!

Have fun in NC!!! I'm getting excited to hear about your ventures there!! It's sorta like a mystery, you know....like "WHERE'S MO" instead of WHERE'S WALDO!!!

Kristin said...

Great pictures! I love how active you are with your girls. I get overwhelmed taking mine out who is close to Ellie's age-I can't imagine doing it with 2.

Kristin said...

BTW-totally off the subject but I had to chuckle when I saw Ellie sitting in her carseat-I've always loved the cover on her old carseat which I think Gabbi is using, right? (Admired it so much that I went looking for it myself but was to cheap to order one when I found it-lol.) I was a little thrown off to see her sitting in a brown seat. Ellie is for sure a bright color kid. You can bling that thing out for her a little bit, can't you :) Just kidding.....kinda.

Beth E. said...

Heading to NC??? Well, you're gettin' a LITTLE closer to Virginia, but you still have a ways to go! You're gonna have to see these mountains in the Spring/Summer! :o)

Loved the pics. I am so impressed with the way you give back to your community. You are an inspiration!

BTW, my sister is an OT. She works in the Richmond, VA area. Don't know why I felt that would interest you, but, sharin' it anyway! ;o)

Hug those girls for me!

Amy said...

I just love you Mo!! You sure are one awesome lady. And your girls are nothing short of amazing.