Thursday, May 28, 2009

a day in the life #3.

Masson here. Im being the storyteller for a day in the life #3, so get ready! lets back up to me and Ellie Sue leaving for the pool.

We jumped in the wagon and off we went! sorry the picture is blurry, I cannot figure out how to delete it!)

Once we arrived Ellie was a tad bit sceptical at first,
Then, she dove right on in! Thats us!
This is our friend Evelyn, she had gotten a Burgers and "kips" at the Beach Club Grill and since Ellie kept BEGGING her for a kip, I figured we sould go up for lunch..
Sooo, we just jumped back in the wagon and headed back up.
Ellie played around while Mrs. Melanie and I picked out what we call lay-around clothes.
We brought Ellie in and got her dry and ready to eat!
Ellie ate this.....
While I drank this FUN, BEACHY lemonade!
And ate this gourmet sandwich. ha!Gabbi ate these! Mrs. Melanie took these two pics because I was putting the Hellcat to sleep.
And since Ellie was asleep and this one was doing thisand this, this ESPECIALLY!
Mo headed to the beach! She was VERY excited to be able to have some alone time from her two munchkins.
While I was snapping a few of the waves frome the balcony, I heard "MARY ALLISON, MARY ALLISON" and looked down to see this.
Mrs. Melanie with her "Cool Beverage" in toe, she was ready to go! Wheres Mo? Wher'd she go? oh the spec! I see her now! She was heading to her chairs to even out that burn she got a few days ago! This one is up so I'm gone for now, I hear Ellie and Gabbis Dee-Dee and Grandad are in route o we will update later! Cute pics coming! Loving the beach-



Jen said...

I so LOVE your vacation photos. It looks like you are having a great time and really getting some quality time with both of your girls. Hope you have a wonderful time.

Kathryn said...

Masson, where were you thirty-odd years ago when Himself and I were trying so very hard to find a great, fantastic, baby-sitter? Oh, never mind. LOL! Thank you for the wonderful update. Have fun!

Jennifer Taylor said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE The day of updates! Too much fun!

Anonymous said...

Masson......I have one you can add to the crew. She's hellcat #2! You take I-65 to Montgomery, Follow the signs to Bham, take 459 and we are on the right! I'll be waiting.....there's a key under the mat. Just come in and make yourself comfy. I'll see you in the morning!!!! :) So glad yall are beachin it today!

snekcip said...

Masson you did a GREAT fill in job! Enjoy the beach and those precious girls.

kimybeee said...

Great job of guest posting Masson!!! Looks like everyone is having a great time. What a babysitting job to are a lucky chick.

Enjoy your va-ca,


tricia said...

Thanks Masson;great job!

Cori said...

My family hasn't gotten to the beach in a few years and I really miss it, so I am really enjoying your posts!!

Belinda said...

Good Job Masson!! I enjoyed this!

MO I am so ready for beach now! we leave the 22. We are going to Pennescola.
Have fun and keep those cute pics coming.. I love the last one of you and the girls..Yall are all looking forward at the same time. :)

Beth E. said...

Great job, Masson! Have fun at the beach!

breanna said...

what a fun day! masson i think you are the first guest blogger, am i right? the fun has just begun...could be trouble if ellie gets too brave!

Pepper said...

Masson you sound like a GREAT babysitter and your post are as cute and funny as Mo's. Hope you have a great time.

Theresa Shirley said...

Yay! Yay! Mo got to go to the beach!!! BTW Mo--I know you can't get those babies burned, but can't you get a tent/canopy or something like that for at least Gabbi to sit under? I know Ellie won't be still long enough to sit under anything, but maybe you could be outside enjoying more beachtime...just a thought.. :)