Friday, April 24, 2009

Goodies from my BBFF's!

I have the coolest BBFF's. I call them my Blogging Best Friends Forever! Want to see what I got in a single week in the mail from my blogging buds?

Every year, just about as often as I resolve to lose weight, I also set a resolution to send more personal letters and make sure that I don't miss birthdays, anniversaries, thank you notes,etc.. I tend to be equally successful with both of those resolutions! Ha. Anyway, I wish I was better at sending out all of the things I intend to send out. I would be sending gifts and cards and pictures of my girls to so many people on so many occasions! But, again... those are intentions!

Four of my BBFF's actually DO follow through and here are some of the goodies I received recently! Consider these my virtual thank you notes, since actually getting one of those in the mail would be yet another intention that just never got a stamp on it!

This first goodie is a super cool mini scrapbook made for me to fill with my pictures! Kathryn sent me this one. I think it is so cool. It has all kinds of little interactive pockets and pull outs and accordion foldy things that make it super neat! I don't think I have EVER had someone make a little book for me, so thank you, thank you, thank you, Kathryn! And next, we have BELIEVE tee shirts! I LOVE these! My blogging buddy, Mindy, sent not only my girls, but also Maddi, a hot pink tee with "diamonds" on the front of the tee! I can't wait to let my girls wear these... probably on the weekend of the Shake! I can't believe my BBFF's love me enough to send me such "prizes"! Awwww, Geez, Beav. Thanks so much!
Which brings me to BBFF number three! This awesome little backpack was made for my Sister Sue for Easter. I was so surprised! It was full of Easter eggs and goodies inside too! My girls both had LSU Crocs too. Ellie Sue, queen of the accessories, absolutely loved these! Thank you, LIndsay. Your little boxes of prizes never cease to amaze me!
And then there is Breanna! She brought me this little headband for my little tottie pops. She cut these felt shapes out and stitched them together on a hot pink ribbon. How cute is this?! Miss Gabbi Girl got one too!
Ellie wouldn't let me tie it yet, but I tried. She seemed to think it was pretty cool. I can't wait to pair it with an all white outfit and some hot pink Croc maryjanes! How cute will that be?!
So, thank you very much, my Blogging comrades! I am humbled and so thankful! You da bomb! Melanie


Beth E. said...

You totally racked up, girl! Indeed, they are great BBFF's. :o)

Anonymous said...

It's only fun to send goodies to BBFF's who LOVE getting them as much as you do! That scrapbook is so cute and those tee's Mindy made are dazzling AND perfect for SHAKE! I think she's doing one for the BIG ole' basket for the auction!! Ellie is sporting that sassy headband and loving life. Love her! So glad you loved the backpack and crocs. B's into "packs" and so I thought Miss. Accessories herself would find fun in one with her monogram (or at least her mommy would)!:) Yay!

MLP said...

This is the best virtual thank you EVER!!! So totally not necessary, but oh so sweet!

I have so many intentions like you, too!!! I guess we all do.

Much love BBFF!!!

MLP said...

By the way, such cute goodies from all your B/B/F/F!!!

Kathryn said...

Thank you, GrasshopperTeacher. You have a very large place in my heart.

mom in iowa said...

Look at all the hair little Miss Ellie is getting. I'm lovin' the curls!!